CSA Box Week #6: Roasted Squash and Smoky Maple Green Beans


So this week has been fairly uneventful. The CSA Box has the usual items. I kept things simple. I steamed the broccoli, blanched it, then froze it for later use. I made the usual snacks and meals with the onions and potatoes and salad greens. I had a bunch of green beans leftover from last week, and I managed to […]

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Spring pasta salad: Asparagus, basil pesto, and chive flowers


I put together this recipe one night while trying to use up the asparagus and cherry tomatoes in the fridge. The basil pesto adds healthy fat and protein from the olive oil and nuts, making it more filling than sugar-laden salad dressings. If using store-bought pesto, aim for a high-quality brand that contains pine nuts and olive oil (rather than […]

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Creamy Carrot Soup with Parsnips and Coconut Milk


When I was younger and lived with my parents, my mother took two different recipes and mixed them together to make a creamy carrot soup flavoured with curry powder and parsnips. When I moved out on my own, she gave me the recipe, and I altered it by replacing the cream and dairy milk with coconut milk and soy milk. The result is a savoury vegan soup […]

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30 Day Vegan: days 26-28 + Nut & Fruit Quinoa Cereal Recipe


Something unexpected has happened since I started the 30 day vegan challenge. I don’t drink coffee anymore. At first, I stopped drinking it at coffee shops because they only have soy milk, not soy or coconut creamers, and soy milk in coffee doesn’t do it for me. Then, as I drank coffee at home or at work with the coconut cream, I became annoyed […]

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Pasta with Homemade Vodka Sauce + Recipe

Pasta with Homemade Vodka Sauce

I feel as though I haven’t blogged in ages. The past few weeks have been more hectic than usual. I moved into a new apartment downtown and was without internet for about a week. Then, once I got my internet connected, the hard drive of my computer failed (according to the computer shop tech guy) which reduces me to using […]

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Lentil, Quinoa & Vegetable Stew

Lentil, Quinoa and Vegetable Stew

The first time I tried this recipe was thanksgiving weekend of last year when I went home to see the family, and my mother made this for dinner. It had grown chilly outside, what with the leaves turning colours and the sun setting early, and we were all wearing sweaters (well, I was anyway) at the dinner table. It had been a long ride […]

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Fettuccine with Spicy raw Tomato, Herb, and Caper Sauce


I’ve had this cookbook for years called The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen by Donna Klein. It has really fantastic looking recipes that use fresh herbs and vegetables. Being a student at the time this book was given to me, I felt taunted by the pages of delicious homemade pasta sauces (calling for 3 cups worth of fresh herbs) and side dishes that […]

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