Cupcakes # 8, 9, 10: Almond-Apricot, Coconut-Lychee, Pineapple-Rightside-Up

So I haven’t been baking as much as usual lately, probably due to the heat of summer, being busy with work and maybe just a bit of general laziness. When I do manage to open the bottom drawer of the stove to take out my dull and rusting cupcake pan, I find myself drawn towards fruit. I love fruit, yet I haven’t tried too many cupcakes that have fruit in them. There never seems to be any in the supermarket or even at bake sales. Therefore I decided, hey let’s bake some and see how they are!

All three recipes are from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World. The Almond-Apricot has almond flour in it, a gooey apricot jam filling, and an apricot glaze topped with slivered almonds. The Coconut-Lychee cupcake is made with coconut milk and chopped lychees with a sweet coconut icing. The Pineapple-Right-Side-Up cupcake is made with crushed pineapple, allspice, ginger and cinnamon, a crushed pineapple topping and garnished with a glace cherry.

Almond-Apricot Cupcakes
Coconut-Lychee Cupcake
Pineapple-Right-Side-Up Cupcakes

They were delicious and well worth the effort. I felt wary of the apricot cupcakes, since apricots make me think of those bland, orange pieces of dried fruit that I normally avoid eating in trail mixes, but I was pleasantly surprised. There is a balance of sweet and tart flavours and a satisfying crunchiness from the almonds which has created in me a love for apricots.

What’s your favourite type of fruit cupcake?

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7 thoughts on “Cupcakes # 8, 9, 10: Almond-Apricot, Coconut-Lychee, Pineapple-Rightside-Up

  1. The apricot one looks wonderful, might you have a recipe please? Thanks!
    ps. great photos too 🙂

    • Certainly! Check your email inbox 🙂

  2. my goodness my tummy is rumbling now, what a saliva inducing post 🙂

  3. I find lychees a very interesting fruit. Never seen them used in a recipe before.

  4. Omg I have put 20lbs on just reading your blog……… lovely

  5. VegGirl

    I am about to attempt the Lychee cupcakes but am having trouble figuring out the right quantity of lychee. Isa’s recipe says to use 1 can = 4oz, but the cans I find are 20 oz. Do you remember what you used? I’m guessing half a can is about right.

    • I just remember following the recipe. Whenever I can’t find cans that are the same as what’s called for, I pour it off into a measuring cup to make sure I’m adding the right amount. Maybe you could try doubling the recipe if you don’t want to be stuck with leftover canned lychee.

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