Grocery Store Plants: A Date With Dragonfruit

I couldn’t resist the corny title.

I have a date plant and several tiny dragonfruit cacti growing on the windowsill right now.


As you can see, I’ve got some other plants growing there as well. There’s a small orchid plant, a spider plant cutting, a mini lavender rose bush, and lilac bush cuttings.

The date plant is the one that looks like grass.


It’s very slow to grow. I’ve had it for over a year now, and it is only just now growing a middle leaf. Although, one of the other leaves is drying up, so I don’t know if that’s good or not. It will probably be years before it looks like much of anything.

To grow a date plant, just grab some unsulphured pitted dates from the grocery, plant the pits, and put them somewhere sunny. The pits take a long time to germinate, so don’t be discouraged if you still haven’t seen anything after a month. Make sure to plant several pits in case some of them aren’t viable.

The dragonfruit cacti are doing really well. I filled half of a cardboard egg carton with cacti soil and planted seeds from a grocery store dragonfruit.

1-001 1-003

There is no special procedure to follow. When you open up the fruit, you’ll see the tiny black seeds spread throughout the white flesh. Just scoop out a small amount and wipe the seeds on a paper towel to remove any residue. Plant them about half of an inch deep, water them, and put them somewhere sunny. They should come up within 1-2 weeks.

I’ve also planted cherry pits. I have no idea if they will come up or not; I did put them in the fridge for a couple of months because they need “cold stratification” to germinate, but so far nothing has sprouted. Maybe I should have put them in the freezer? I don’t know.

That’s all for today. Thanks for stopping by!


  • Katrina,

    You can/ and need to germinate some seeds in the fridge? never knew this! (shows that a terrible gardener I am). Don’t dates grow on date palms? I don’t think I can grow *that* on my living room window sill 🙂 The dragonfruit seed planting sounds interesting though, I might try that, thanks for the tips on getting that started.

    • Haha. Yeah, certain seeds won’t germinate unless they think it is spring. Putting them in the fridge tricks them into thinking it is winter. Then when you take them out, they’ll start growing. The dragonfruit is easy to grow. I usually kill cacti, but these ones are still going!

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