Grow your own peanut plant: Part 2 (UPDATE)

Some of you may remember that I started growing a peanut plant some months ago. I am very happy to report that the plant is alive and well on its way to producing actual peanuts.

First let’s look at what it’s been up to. So far, it has survived the affections of my cat Eowyn.

It has produced a couple of flowers (note the shriveled up orange bits) and extended its stems into the soil. The peanuts begin to grow underground.

And it has grown two entire peanuts!! I waited about a month before deciding to dig into it and see what’s happening. It’s not the most abundant harvest ever, but whatever. You can only expect so much from a windowsill plant.

The skin of the shell is so smooth that I figure they’re not quite ripe yet. I am also somewhat disturbed by how much they remind me of textbook diagrams of ovaries. Either that, or kidneys.

(Does anyone else see the resemblance?)

Anyway, I buried them back in the soil and watered the plant so the peanuts can continue to develop. I’ll check again in another 3-4 weeks to see if they’re ready to eat.

Thanks for stopping by today! D. UPDATE: CLICK TO VIEW PART 3!

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7 thoughts on “Grow your own peanut plant: Part 2 (UPDATE)

  1. my first reaction upon seeing that top picture was OMG it looks just like the peanut plant spongebob grows on the back of his toilet in a flower pot! Im curious to see these strange growth stages of the peanut. Cool!

    I can see the ovaries, but also I can see a happy leaf man: the stems are his legs, and the peanuts are his wooden clogs.

  2. I see the Happy Leaf Man too, and he even has hairy legs LOL
    The cat photo playing (with string?) phew your peanut was a little in danger of becoming peanut butter there wasn’t it?
    Great success getting this far! I’ve tried to grow avocado pips and pineapples but with rather dismal results. Yours is GROWING = Result!!!!

  3. I see the happy leaf man! hahaha.

    Yeah a peanut plant sounds like something Spongebob would do. Haha that’s awesome.

    Yeah Eowyn likes to climb across the windowsill to jump onto the shelf on the opposite wall. The strings are the drawstrings that go with my blinds. I ended up re-located the plant because she kept stepping all over it and knocking over my other plants.

    Sorry for the late response, guys!

  4. Wooh, can’t believe your project is really working! Good job!
    How many plants are you growing right now? Whenever I visit your blog and read about the plants you’re growing it sounds like a lot of plants and efforts! Don’t think just anyone could do it!

    • I have about 11 edible plants right now and a few normal houseplants. Some of those are duplicates though (I’ve got two avocado plants and two tamarillos growing). I’ve got an apricot seed soaking in water right now, so I’ll be posting about that in a couple of months so long as the germination process goes as planned. I just can’t help myself. Gotta keep myself entertained somehow! Lol.

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