Grow your own peanut plant PART 3 (FINALE)

A continuation of Grow your own peanut plant PART ONE and PART TWO . . . .

I know this update is long overdue and I apologize for making anyone wait for the final results.  I’m happy to report that the plant successfully produced several peanuts. Five of them, to be exact.

Grow a Peanut Plant Part 3

Upon cracking them open, I was disappointed to find that only one of the peanuts had matured. The immature ones did not crack as easily and had smooth shells; the lesson learned is to only harvest peanuts that have grid-like grooves on the shell and can be opened without too much prying

Unfortunately, the plant itself became infested with tiny red bugs that wove white webs between the stems and leaves, effectively killing it. RIP, oh glorious peanut plant!

Oh and in case anyone is wondering, the ripe peanut tasted just as it should. Of course, you can always plant it to start another plant if you so desire.

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3 thoughts on “Grow your own peanut plant PART 3 (FINALE)

  1. I was wondering what become of this experiment. 🙂 Maybe the Peanut which survived was like ‘The Highlander’. you know…. There can only be one! (Thats from a movie, I am guessing you may have seen)

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