30 Day Vegan: Days 29, 30 and . . . 31?


Hello everyone, The 30 day vegan challenge is now complete! I did really well with day 29. We made vegan hotpot with mushrooms, baby bok choy, firm tofu, these fluffy tofu ball things, and rice noodles. That jar is filled with shallots in oil, which can be used as a topping.   We made two kinds of broth. The first broth […]

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30 Day Vegan: days 26-28 + Nut & Fruit Quinoa Cereal Recipe


Something unexpected has happened since I started the 30 day vegan challenge. I don’t drink coffee anymore. At first, I stopped drinking it at coffee shops because they only have soy milk, not soy or coconut creamers, and soy milk in coffee doesn’t do it for me. Then, as I drank coffee at home or at work with the coconut cream, I became annoyed […]

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30 Day Vegan Challenge: Days 17-21


Hello all, The past few days have been uneventful. I didn’t feel like cooking much this week. A fellow vegan told me once that the pizza from Pizza Pizza is vegan so long as you order without cheese, so on Thursday night we ordered some. I know that to many people, cheeseless pizza is unspeakable. How could that taste good? […]

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30 Day Vegan Challenge: Days 15 & 16


Hello again, I am now halfway through the 30 day vegan challenge! These past two days have gone really well. The weekend gives me more time for cooking, so that makes it easier to eat and prepare proper meals. Starting with Saturday . . . Day 15 – Saturday I had my usual coffee with coconut cream and a lunch […]

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30 Day Vegan Challenge: Days 7-14


Hello all! I know that I have fallen behind in posting my vegan challenge. I unfortunately cannot remember everything that happened this past week, but I did keep up with the challenge. So far sweets are the only thing I can’t resist. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t vegan sweets out there – there are lots of delicious vegan dessert recipes […]

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30 Day Vegan Challenge: Days 4, 5 and 6


So my first few days of going vegan didn’t go so well. I think that I’m doing much better now. Day 4 – Wednesday Woke up and had coffee with the soy cream. Went to work and had a late breakfast of lentil hummus and crackers. For lunch, leftover spinach rice with jerk seitan. For a snack, I had baby carrots. […]

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30 Day Vegan Challenge: Days 1,2, and 3


So I decided to try a vegan diet for 30 days. It is something that I’ve always wanted to do but have always procrastinated and made up excuses for why I “can’t do it right now.” Well, no more excuses. For some reason I’m feeling serious about it now. I started on Sunday January 11th and have just finished day 3. Here’s how I’m […]

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