Vegetable Spring Rolls

So this weekend I decided to make my own spring rolls. I’ve been looking for something that would be easy to make a huge batch of then freeze. This would solve my problem of being too lazy to cook certain days but not wanting to spend $10 for a frozen pizza. I figured spring rolls must be fun and easy!



They were fun to make. I cut a block of firm tofu into long thin strips and marinated them in a mixture of 2 tbsp lime juice, 2 tbsp soy sauce and 1 tbsp mirin. I added sugar to the big bowl of warm water for dipping the rice paper. The sugar helps the rice paper to brown while the rolls are being fried. Then I added rice noodles, chopped baby bok choy, and the marinated tofu to the middle of each roll. I wanted to add cilantro too but I didn’t have any on hand.

Making the rolls was no problem. It was the frying that got to me. It’s really not that easy! I put on an apron, held each spring roll with a long pair of tongs, and put them one by one into a large pot of oil, shrieking and leaping back as the oil spluttered. Rolls that were still wet caused the worst reaction – there must be something about water being added to hot oil, so after that I let the excess water on the rolls dry off before adding them to the pot. I added about 1 cup of canola oil to the pot and had it on medium temperature, cooking the spring rolls for about 2 minutes on each side.

They taste really good. However, I’m still afraid of frying stuff. Maybe there’s a better method I could have used? I can see how this would be easy to make if one had a deep-fryer on hand or had experience with this sort of thing. I’m glad that I tried this. Maybe I’ll try it again once I’ve worked up the nerve. In the mean time, my search continues for an easy-to-make-and-freeze food.

Do you ever deep fry your food?


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